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Air Flow test

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Where I have to make the holes to do checking air flow?

For the Return between the filter and blower motor?
For the Supply between the blower motor and the EVAP coil?

Am I correct?

Thanks All, JJ
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On a furnace. Between the filter and blower motor, and between the furnace and evap coil.

On a standard air handler with the blower after the coil, between the filter and coil, and then in the supply plenum.

On an electric furnace with the evap added after the blower, between the filter and blower, and between the electric strips and the coil.
I don't see this configuration. :whistling2:
Wanna borrow my glasses? :laughing:

Guess its a good thing I didn't mention the other configuration, where you measure between the first coil and filter, and after the second coil.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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