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my blower on my lennox 80mgf(x) furnace won't run, the compresser will come on when you lower the temp.!
Do you have a digital meter with mfd capability?

I'd start at the run capacitor. Even if you don't own a meter it is less than $15 for new run cap (you'd need to get the numbers from the old cap first and get the exact same spec'd cap) and it is needed to start the motor so you may get lucky and that be it.

There are sometimes tell tale signs that the capacitor is bad such as it's blown so the top where the electrical prongs are or the bottom would be rounded and curved versus flat as when not blown. Or there could be the gooey, thick, oily, jell substance leaking out of it somewhere. You'd have to inspect it and see.

Make certain you turn the breaker to the blower off before you do anything, not just the thermostat.

This would be the first thing I'd check as it's a pretty common problem as well as the cheapest fix.

The 5uf and minimum 370 volt numbers are what you'd be looking for on yours. Yours might not be a 5uf but you get the idea. Like for like.

Let us know.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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