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Hitachi's electric are almost bulletproof as far as the compressor, just as long as it is NOT oil-less. Don't buy an oil-less compressor for roofing. We are running a Dewalt electric now and it has held up very good.
Used to use gas compressors 15 years ago, but same as anything we have come a long ways since then and are running electric now. If there are 10 guns running, you aren't worried too much about using electricity or gas (probably making some serious money per hour)....but with 10 guns or even 5, you don't want to run on one compressor anyhow. Talk about a tangled mess of hoses.

All of our roofing tools could probably fit into the front passenger seat of a pickup. Then again, we don't run a bunch of subs and are not subs ourselves.

We don't buy from the box stores because they usually just carry DIY quality tools. Not for contracting every day.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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