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Air compressor woes!

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Recently, some friends were building a fence for me. I've been laying low with health problems for several months. I noticed they had a second air compressor they were using. They said mine wouldn't work.

Well, it looks like it is low on oil. At least that is my guess. I haven't taken a close look. But when I turn it on, it will slow roll a few times. Then I turned it back off.

What do you think? Is it ruined? Would it be more expensive to get it repaired or just buy a new one? It's a Coleman Black Max 4hp w/20 gal tank.

As of right now, it's useless.
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Could check the capacitor, other than that it is probably junk. :(
Thanks. Upon further inspection, I discovered it is a direct drive "Oil free" design. Shoot. That compressor had lived a easy life since I bought it new in 1998.

So far, I haven't found anything on the internet pertaining to it. Nothing on the Coleman site at all.

Coleman Powermate Black Max 4 hp.

Coleman does not make compressors to the best of my knowledge. So this is probably an overseas manufactured compressor they buy and re-sell. If it does not have a finned cylinder like on your lawn mower or on an air cooled motorcycle engine, it is not worth trying to fix, if it can even be fixed at all.

Try an Ingersoll Rand compressor next time.
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