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Air Compressor Wiring Question

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Getting ready to run a 30 amp dedicated circuit in my garage for a new air compressor and have a question regarding a disconnect switch. I've read that a disconnect is required within 6 feet of the compressor but, since my compressor will be installed 5 feet from the breaker panel is it required? The panel is next to the service door and I plan on running 10/2 romex to a junction on the other side of the door, then hardwiring a cable from the junction box to the compressor.
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Article 430.102 of the code (motors) states that the disconnecting means shall be in sight of the motor.

Article 100 (definitions) states that 'in sight' means visible and not more than 50'.

I'd say you're good.

The only issue would be that the code states that the disconnecting means needs to be capable of being locked in the open position but I've yet to see that enforced.
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