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AFCI after GFCI or GFCI after AFCI

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I just completed box installation and powering it up to the first set of outlets in my shed but I am already thinking of how to improve it and make it more safe. I found a 50-amp, 2-pole, GFCI for my Siemens gen-ready panel. Before I buy it, I want to get more info on how best to do combination of GFCI
I realize that AFCI is not required in the shed but I'm still considering it - not completely sure yet. But my question is, if I do the GFCI in the house is it safe/legal to put in an AFCI in the shed panel?

I've read several threads talking about the other way - AFCI in the panel and a GFCI in the first receptacle box but I haven't found a Siemens 50-amp, 2-pole, AFCI so AFCI followed by GFCI is less appealing.
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AFCI after GFCI is fine. I've never been required to do it but this is the method I will use
RJ does have a good point. I don't know of an AFCI/GFCI combo breaker. The other option I've considered is using AFCI breaker for branch cicuits and a bank of non outlet GFCI'S near the panel.
I've installed GFCI'S as feeder breakers and haven't had a tripping issue FYI.
It would be interesting to hear from a member on the 2014 cycle who's had to deal with this in a kitchen
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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