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Not a home improvement question, but a question about tiling. I work with Chairo tiles (largest being 6x6) as art pieces. I need to adhere them to plywood(or if you have a better suggestion for a backing) so they can ultimately be a wall hanging. So the question is what is the best adhesive for this type of work. I've used Acrylic pro tile adhesive, its a premade mix. It's hit or miss with it. I've heard from some you should never attach tile directly to plywood, but I dont think this would apply to me. Its
not for flooring. Thank you for your help

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Acrilici Pro is not very sticky--and drys slowly---the plywood may also suck the water out of the mix rendering a poor bond---

A bucket of solvent based builders adhesive would work--but it smells and is VERY expensive----

I suggest you look for a bag of modified thinset that is approved for use over plywood--mix small batches as needed and you should be fine.

I use an unmodified and add my own latex instead of water--(Kerabond and Keralastic)----this is more expensive than modified---but bonds to just about anything I have ever used it on---(still way cheaper than the stinky solvent based adhesives)
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