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Dear DIY pros,

I'm about to finish my basement and I have a few questions on what is the proper way to insulate an existing slab.

The tasks at hand are:
1- self-level the existing slab
2- insulate / thermal barrier installation
3- install electric radiant wiring
4- tile

I've researched for the proper insulation to use over slab, but couldn't find a definitive "proper" solution that made sense.

I found "bubble wrap" type [insulation/radiant barrier] that seem to be a good idea in keeping the heat above the slab, but considering that I'll be tiling over this, I'm afraid that the thinset/mortal will crack since the bubble-wrap is not a stable base for tiling.
The only solution I'm considering is a "cork" base/isolator which seem like a better choice under the tile.

Does anyone know of a better product I can use for this application?
Any suggestions are appreciated.

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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