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Advice on what to do if anything for an old chimney with moss on mortar

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On our 50? year old house, 2 questions about our chimney if you don't mind:

1) We have moss growing on the mortar on the shadow side of it. Would you do anything about that? Wet and forget from Costco?

2) There's holes / gaps in the mortar in a few places. some are the entire vertical space next to a brick. Kinda looks intentional. others are random. Are there supposed to be gaps to let water / moisture out?

What would you do about the gaps? Seal them with caulk? What kind? Concrete!? Overall, I think the chimney is in good condition. I am not looking for a huge project that I would do wrong or have to hire someone if I could avoid it (like 'repointing' - that's taking out the old mortar and putting new in?), actually, there's no gaps I see in the attached picture... I missed the actual holes / gaps. There are some cracks. Regardless, based on the picture what would you experts say needs / could be done?

take care!

THANKS and stay safe!
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decent pressure wash & coat w/prosoco's silicone siloxane,,, have no idea of costco,,, we do this work for a living so our material suppliers are pro shops
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