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Advice on what to do if anything for an old chimney with moss on mortar

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On our 50? year old house, 2 questions about our chimney if you don't mind:

1) We have moss growing on the mortar on the shadow side of it. Would you do anything about that? Wet and forget from Costco?

2) There's holes / gaps in the mortar in a few places. some are the entire vertical space next to a brick. Kinda looks intentional. others are random. Are there supposed to be gaps to let water / moisture out?

What would you do about the gaps? Seal them with caulk? What kind? Concrete!? Overall, I think the chimney is in good condition. I am not looking for a huge project that I would do wrong or have to hire someone if I could avoid it (like 'repointing' - that's taking out the old mortar and putting new in?), actually, there's no gaps I see in the attached picture... I missed the actual holes / gaps. There are some cracks. Regardless, based on the picture what would you experts say needs / could be done?

take care!

THANKS and stay safe!
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Wet and Forget works as long as it isn't caked on. Same thing for the underside of that deck.

Chimneys don't have weepers in them usually. Probably more just some selective re-pointing that is needed.
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