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Hello. I put this topic under general construction because there is no termite spot per se. I called a termite company and they want to fumigate the entire house. They say the tenants have to leave the house for three days. The tenants do not want to leave because they do not have the money for the hotel. I called another company and they told me they use a chemical-- something about orange-- where the tenants do not need to leave the house. Have you ever heard of such orange chemical? Does it work the same way as when they put the gas, and people have to leave?
I bet you have experience in these different chemicals they use and you can tell me some advices. The real problem is not the money; the problem is the tenants do not want to leave the house for three days.

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Without knowing the extent of your termite problem, or where you are in the World, I am not sure anyone can advise you on an approach. In California, tenting and fumigating is still standard as far as I know. I have never seen a home tented in the Midwest and exterminators usually use a combination of strong licensed chemicals I would not want to live around for at least 3-5 days even though supposedly safe. I have clients install perimeter systems on annual service contracts thereafter. None have ever had termite problems since and some of those systems go back a couple decades now.

If tenting is the way you have to go, are you sure you cannot spring for three or four nights at a decent but not Hyatt Regency quality motel/hotel for your tenants? The cost would be tax deductible for you although I know a hit on your rental income stream. Go to or whatever and find a nice packaged get away weekend? Assuming you like them as tenants? Otherwise tent the house and gas them with the bugs. They are going to have to budge if you need to tent or you may not be able to provide a house for them to live in? Just ease their concerns.

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Where are you geographically?
What species of termites? Subterranean? Drywood? Formosan?
Have no idea what the "orange" thing is.

Get us more info and update us.

Tent fumigation is generally for drywoods. I have no experience in that aspect. Here in the East, tenting is done rarely, and it is for wood-boring beetles in unusual conditions. We only have subterranean termites in the East.
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