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Good afternoon,

Does anyone have expertise in building a Kerdi-Board curb?

I have 1/2" pieces of Kerdi-board that I'd like to use to make my shower curb. The width of the finished curb needs to be 3 7/16". I was planning on cutting the Kerdi-Board 2 11/16" wide, bonding it together with thinset, and placing a Kerdi shim under the top piece so that the curb will be pitched sufficiently enough for water to run from the curb into the shower. I'll install the tiles on the inside of the curb, and the outside of the curb, before installing the tiles on top of the curb. The tile is 1/4" thick, and I used 1/8" thick thinset in my calculation. My mudpan will be 1 ½” thick. The height of my curb will be 4 1/2".

Do my numbers make sense? Would you do anything differently?

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