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Hi again all; the bathroom rehab continues unabated!* My next step in the gut rehab is tiling the floor.

We've decided on some old-school hexagon black and white porcelain mosaics, similar to the original floor. The only difference is that the originals were matte; we're using the tiles with the glossy finish.

I've done a lot of tiling (relatively speaking of course - I'm not a pro, but I did cut my teeth on tiling by working for one of those old Italian immigrant pros when I was in HS... learned to do things right!) I don't recall ever installing mosaic tile however.

Any tips you experts care to share? We'll be using a grey grout, so I have the grey modified thinset. I understand I should get a trowel with short grooves, like 1/8"? I assume that I'll need to "straighten out" the edges, i.e., take the angles off the tiles where the 12x12 mats meet the wall / tub. Do you use the wet saw for that, or since the tiles are so small, just use a set of nippers? Thanks!

*I have been photographing the project pretty much day by day from it's ugly beginnings to it's (hopefully) beautiful completion. I'm new to this site - Do members here post up timeline picture shows of their DIY conversions? I'd be happy to share all my pain with y'all if that kind of thing is welcome... :)


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