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Advice for replacing porch posts

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I have a 50's ranch with a covered front porch. Raised concrete slab, only 15" or so off the ground. Approx (22' x 7'). The porch roof is attached to the house along one side. The rest of the weight is supported by 3 old wrought iron supports. I would like to replace the 3 old wrought iron supports with 4 4"x4" pressure treated posts instead. Just doing for looks as the 50's wrought iron supports are not to attractive at this point.

My question is, is it imperative that the posts be secured to teh concrete at the bottom? The old iron posts are secured at the bottom as they are imbedded in the concrete. However, I've noticed others in my neighborghood that have replaced their posts with wood used aluminum standoffs that aren't actually attached to the concrete. They are the type that have 4 feet. I think they have a hole in the middle so that they can be attached, but most I've seen aren't. I suppose the thought is that since the post is attached at the top, and it is under weight, it doesn't need to be attached to the slab, but is this proper?

If it should be attached, what's the best (easiest) way to do so with an existing slab. I would like to use composite sleeves over the 4"x4" so whatever I use will need to be able to be covered by the sleeve. I know they probably make a lot of different fastners for this, but many I've seen wouldn't work well with the composit sleeve. I was thinking some galvanized, or aluminum L brackets secured to the post and the slab on two sides might be enough. Ideally somethingthat could easily be covered by some trim at the bottom. Maybe fastened to the slab with tapcons?

Any thoughts or ideas?
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Yes they do!

Use the aluminum standoffs and anchor them with 3/8" concrete anchors. (In the center of the standoff.) You want the anchors long enough to go into the crete at least 2". If they aren't anchored it's dangerous. Wind lift could cause the posts to move, some big fella might fall into one and move it or that dreaded riding mower may take one out if not anchored.
Thanks. I'd probably be the big fella that would fall into them!
Yep, just like HW said, here's Simpson's site:

They both work, use hot-dipped galvanized nails. A 1/2" concrete anchor bolt, minimum. The ABU is a little taller, a bit more support but check your local supplier. Put factory end of post down, helps keep the crawling critters out. These are 16 g. steel.

Be safe, GBR
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