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ADT alarm system help

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Hi, I have not used the alarm for the 8yrs we've lived in the home and were going to get a pro to put it in order as well as integrate it into our Crestron system.

For now though, we are remodelling our entrance and the keypad is not in a great place. I wish to disconnect it and have the pro reconnect it in a better place in the adjacent closet at a later date ( we also have another keypad elsewhere if need be )

Given the photos, can I just cut and cap the 4 wires going to the keypad from above the splices ?

thanks all.


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Given that it is appears to be currently powered, that might produce unwanted results. I suggest that you open up the box (probably in the basement) that contains the rest of the system, unplug the transformer and disconnect the (probable) battery backup before cutting any wires (and cap them if you're going to make the system live again).

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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