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I'm in the process of installing drawers and slides. What's the idea behind adjustment? What I mean is, if the drawer is slightly out evenly along the top should I drop the slides down ever so slightly on both sides? Logic tells me this will pull the front top back. I'm talking 1/16 or less of an inch. Has anyone seen an online site that explains how each out of line problem might be addressed in drawer and slide installation? Also, my drawers were ordered 1 inch less in width than the openings, leaving a half-inch on each side for the slides. I can't help but think that this exactness is contributing to the binding of the drawers as they slide. Should I notch out a 1/32 on each side to give it some space? My thought is that the slides should work as effortless with the drawers attached as they do out of the package in my hand. KV 8450 solf close slides with front and back brackets.
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