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Adjust hot air distribution

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One of my upstairs' bedroom temperatures is lot warmer than other bed rooms. Closing the room register opening creates some wind noise. My basement is finished I cannot figure out the duck system routine. How can I fix that?
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not knowing the air duct distribustion makes it hard to say ,but how much air flow is comming out of the coldest rooms yur having issues with ?
Hot air distribution systems allow you to convert the fireplace into a very effective and cost-saving device for heating all over the House.Many home heating and cooling systems move air throughout the home using a forced-air distribution system. A gas furnace, oil furnace, and electric furnace all do this, as does a central air conditioner. Rather than repeat this information in each of the system guides, let's take a look at how air--no matter how it's made hot or cool--can be distributed efficiently.
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