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adhesive under wallpaper

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I took down some wallpaper that came off very easy. No water solution required. It just pulled right off the wall. Underneath, the adhesive isn't tacky, and it is hard and dry. It will not soften and scrape off with water like normal. The adhesive is dried on the walls and leave a texture.

What is the best solution? Should I skim coat that walls?


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I use my orbital sander with 80 grit. It will take most, if not all of that remaining dried on adhesive off the wall. (This willl produce A LOT of dust, so be aware). Then prime with Gardz primer to ensure any remnants are sealed up. You may have to patch some areas of the drywall, I see a gray area that looks like it will need patched. Hopefully you won't have to do an entire skim coat. Shouldn't be necessary if the drywall is fairly sound.
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Thanks for the response. Is Gardz acceptable as the final primer? Or do I need to put 123 over it?
Gardz is fine for the primer under your top coat although since it's clear it has no hiding properties. It might take an extra top coat.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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