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adhesive for tiles on tile redi niche

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I just finished using Schluter Kerdi to waterproof my renovated shower. I used unmodified thinset and will use the same when I install the tiles.

My question is I also installed a tile redi niche. Because the niche is made of a waterproof substance I only brought the kerdi over the edges that are flush to the niche.

Can I use the same unmodified mortar to install the tiles to the premanufactured niche or should I use modified or epoxy thinset? Thanks
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When you buy the tileready shower base, they send a two part epoxy thinset for setting the tiles to the base. Very sticky stuff, but it works. You would probably be better off getting a premade niche from a tile supply house that's made out of precast foam. You run the kerdi right into and cover the whole thing. No need for different thinset.
Mike Hawkins:)
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