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Adhesive for an outdoor fireplace

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I'm building an outdoor fireplace using rumblestone. The fireplace will be a ventless natural gas insert. I've seen Loctite PL500 mentioned many times for retaining walls, etc., but I don't see anything to say it's ok to be used where high heat is.

After searching online, I see No Nails Fuze It is a popular option.

Has anyone used No Nails Fuze It for a fireplace or firepit? Is this recommended or something else?

I appreciate any thoughts and recommendations.
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I have used FuzeIt extensively in wood adhesion. If the instructions allow its use on masonry and outdoors AND next to heat, then it is a good product. I think you would be better served using thinset or mortar for your stone.
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Thank you for your comments. I appreciate it.
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