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I have a two-story 1500 sq ft. house in Albany, NY, with gas heat and central air conditioner with returns inside each room. The AC & main trunk is in the basement. The supplies run in the internal walls, and the returns are on the outside walls.

I'm planning an addition and am working with a licensed architect. He's promised me 'building permit'-ready plans, that don't include HVAC, electrical, or plumbing details. He's told me that the general contractor that will do the job will have his subcontractors for those services provide the details for those plans.

I'd like to get some advice from some experienced HVAC guys on things that I should consider NOW, before the building plans are drawn up.

Are there things that you've seen architects forget in plans that I should remind him about?

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Get a separate system for the addition.

Any thing the architech missed. Will be blamed on the subs.
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