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addition outlet layout

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i am confused with the required outlet wall layout for 2008 codes.
12'betwwen outlets max
any wall 2' needs outlet
how far out of a corner does an outlet need to be?
doors or fireplaces dont count as 6' rule

i am sure i will have more then required but want to make sure the required layout is met....
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The intent of the rull is that a lamp with a 6' cord can be plugged in without having to be moved.

I'm going through the same thing now....and in your case is sounds like you have the min covered. But what is more important is that you have them where you really want them.....

I like putting them in places that are easy to get to....think in terms of plugging in a vacuum....where would you want the outlet? If you have a floor much furnature do you want to move in order to plug it in?

It's your long as your meeting the minumum...put those babies where you want them....more if fine limit on how many you install.
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I know of no rule that says you have to put them any particular distance from a corner or a door. If the box fits, it ships! I have several that are only a few inches away from a doorway; e.g., you generally want the switch that controls an exterior light to be right next to the exterior door.
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