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Adding water feature to sitting wall

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Hey Everyone,

I posted a question the other day about waterproofing a small basin for a water feature I am adding to the middle of a sitting wall I built. Thanks to Clarence Bauer for the recommendation of STO as a waterproofer. I should have just make a thread about the whole project, since I wanted to run some other things by you all.

As you can see in the picture, there is a gap in the middle of the wall. I am going to fill in that gap area with a water feature. I am going to follow the radius of the front of the wall and have a basin built into the front area. Behind that I will build a higher wall (Approx 3.5' high x 5" wide) in the back that will hold the spillway. I haven't yet decided if I want the spillway 12 or 24" wide. The wall in the back with the spillway in it will be pushed out deeper than the back of the current wall so I can get a little room to actually catch the water coming out of the spillway. the front basing will be 2 blocks high with a cap. I mocked it up and it actually looked good adding a little depth to the whole thing.

My plan is to pour a new footing behing the current pad to accomodate the additional depth I need for the back wall. I only need to add a couple of feet. The current patio pad was poured with the sitting wall in mind. I forget the exact depth, but I think it was 8" where the sitting wall is, and it has a bunch of rebar in it. The block has all cells filled and rebar horizontal and vertical.

Do I need to tie the new pad into the existing pad with some rebar? Drill into the existing pad and epoxy the rebar into it?
How deep should it be?
I was planning on adding some vertical rebar in the added on pad to support the 3.5' back wall. Does a couple pieces sound ok? Again, that wall will be 3.5 high and about 5' wide

I'll remove the stone from the sides of the columns to tie in the new block.
Should I expoxy some rebar into the old colums to tie the new block and existing together?

I appreciate any help with the questions above and if anyone has any suggestions on anything else, I am all ears.
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forgot the picture

Here’s a mock up of what I’m looking to do. Since I can’t draw, this was easier for me to help visualize.

I have ideas about how I want to build the basin, and tie in the walls, but I’m not sure how to integrate the pump.
Do I put it underground in a box close to the wall?
Do I build a void in the wall with an access door?
They make pre-formed basins with a false top that look pretty handy. The pump sits underneath the top, which is removable for access. The only problem with those is that they are not the exact shape. I could build up the void between the basin and the block wall.
I also thought of building the basin from block, then framing out the rest of the back wall. With that method I could easily create a void in the wall and install an access panel in the back to get to the pump.

Any ideas?

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