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Adding support to existing retaining wall

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We have a 4' tall retaining wall in our yard that holds back the neighbor's soil which is at higher level than our yard.
Recently, we have lowered the grade on our yard to make it one uniform level across most of the yard, but we left some dirt against the retaining wall to support it.
We are planning to build a short (maybe 2 feet) retaining wall to keep that dirt in place, but wanted to keep about 5 feet gap against the existing wall to place a BBQ.

The question we have is how to add support to the existing retaining wall in the gap area where the BBQ will be placed?

Any help would be appreciated!

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Ditto on the advice the BBQ should be separate either away from or on top of the wall, the new wall should be continuous.

The existing wall's height, soil type/water content, construction (footing width, tiebacks etc) would help you determine how to build the new terraced layout. Realistically though you probably can't come up with that detailed information. So as a minimum, with the new wall being only 2 or 3 courses high, if you keep the distance away from the old wall at least 2X the height of the new wall that should prevent you from having to hold the upper wall's surcharge with this lower wall. Water drainage behind your new wall is critical, as it looks like the well drained existing wall (CMU weeps at 16"o.c. + the stone joints) is what is keeping it held up.
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profane tank
LOL autocorrect is amusing sometimes. I chuckled picturing the mason jar where you have to put a buck every time you say the F word in front of the kids.
Is there any other place for the BBQ? I can get some greasy bonfires goin on mine, you are right against the wood fence and is that vinyl lattice?
I would build the wall starting with basic standards, min 6" gravel base, drain tile to daylight behind, gravel drainage plane behind protected by textile.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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