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Adding support to existing retaining wall

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We have a 4' tall retaining wall in our yard that holds back the neighbor's soil which is at higher level than our yard.
Recently, we have lowered the grade on our yard to make it one uniform level across most of the yard, but we left some dirt against the retaining wall to support it.
We are planning to build a short (maybe 2 feet) retaining wall to keep that dirt in place, but wanted to keep about 5 feet gap against the existing wall to place a BBQ.

The question we have is how to add support to the existing retaining wall in the gap area where the BBQ will be placed?

Any help would be appreciated!

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Modify the BarB Que to sit on the wall, a mistake here would be costly.
The wall has a 4.5" concrete footing (as can be seen in the picture). Otherwise, I don't know how it's constructed. I was wondering about digging underneath the "gap area" and somehow filling down with concrete. Any thoughts on that?
When we build a retaining wall it will have a 10 or 12" footing and maybe 3 ft wide mostly under the high side.
Retaining walls usually are put in by the guy with the higher property. I would say that that wall is less than it should be so if you want to underpin it you also may want to add braces of some sort while you do the work under it.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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