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Adding Sprinkler Valve to Existing zone

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I am wondering if anyone has a suggestion on how to add a new sprinkler valve to an existing zone. My current zone has about 12 heads on it and the grass has gotten pretty thick thru the years and it's hard for the sprinkler head to pop up all the way. And it's not as strong so coverage is not as good. How do I split the zone up. I see extra wires that I can use, but I don't know how to find where to split ? Any help would be appreciated.
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Sometimes the grass just grows over the head a little and needs to be cut out around the heads. They actually have a tool for this, but an old kitchen knife or something would work.
When I say cut out around it, I don't mean the length of the grass. Actually cut the sod out around it. Cut out about 1/2' around each head.
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