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Adding New windows (not replacement)

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So, I've decided to add two new windows to the living area of our house. The wall currently has no windows on it at all, but opens to a porch on the rear of the house. The house is wrapped in cedar.

My question's are...
1) Should I use new construction windows or replacement windows? I'll be removing the drywall from the interior, but I'd like to keep this as clean of a project as possible.

2) What is the best option when it comes to ease of install? Buying two completely separate windows and butting them up against each other? Or buying a double unit? I would think that a single double unit would be easiest, but I've heard the opposite from some people in the past.

3)What's the easiest way to salvage as much of my siding as possible? I would rather not pull all of the siding down if I can avoid it, but I also don't want to cut away too much in an effort to get the windows installed correctly.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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