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We have a room on our second story that was added after the original build, and was added as storage space and not conditioned. We would like to make it into conditioned space. I'm pretty sure there is no insulation in the ceiling or walls. Everywhere else on that floor, the ceilings are normal height (~8'?) and then there is attic space under the gambrel roof. The attic is unfinished but does have blown in insulation.

In the storage room, the ceiling goes all the way up to the roof. Along the wall toward the interior of the house, you can see the gable vent. I know the other end of the house also has a gable vent, and I think there is some other venting or a fan in the attic (it's hard to get to through a panel in the ceiling, and there's all the insulation so it's hard to see what's going on).

I was hoping to avoid having to pull down the walls are and re-drywall in order to insulate. I would definitely do the exterior wall, and was probably going to do the portion of the interior wall the butts up to the attic. I've seen videos of people cutting holes in the walls and blowing insulation into the stud cavity, but didn't know if you could do this on ceiling within the rafter cavities. Can this be done? Wasn't sure how to tell if there were soffit vents that would need to be protected from getting covered, or if having insulation up against the roof would cause any problems with moisture.

Also had a thought of reframing a ceiling at the same height as the rest of the second story, but that's a bigger job...

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