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Adding dimmer and recessed LED canless

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Hello all- I did a quick search through the forum but couldn't find a direct answer to my problem...

I finally decided to install recessed lighting in my kitchen. There is an existing ceiling light/fixture installed which has the power feed, and then a line to the switch box. I would like to keep this switch and add a dimmer directly to the recessed lights. I'm looking for some advice on exactly how to connect both switches, especially, the dimmer since it seems like the white wire is now "hot" and I'm not sure how to connect the neutral for the dimmer. I can post some pictures if that helps. Any help is appreciated.
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Seems to me it's only the power wire from the switch loop and then return (black) wire back to the ceiling. The only "neutral" would be from the dimmer to the recessed lights. Which leads me to my next questions, If I go with the dimmer that doesn't require a neutral connection, do I then leave the neutral alone in the switch box? and daisy chain the neutrals from/to each light/j-box?
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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