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adding closet above intersecting beams

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I'm renovating my 2 story house which includes removing the bearing walls between the dining, living, and sunroom and replaced with beams. This work is done and now I'm working in the bedrooms above this area. One thing I didn't think about is the closet placement in the bedroom. My plan for the closet placement would put it right in the middle of the beams below.
The closet is a box 26"x46" outside frame dimensions. I want to make sure that with the weight of the closet, the beams won't fall out of spec.
Any idea on how do I calculate the weight of a closet? I imagine it's more than the typical "40 live /15 dead" building weight.
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Unless you are planning to store gold bricks, books, dead bodies or something else unusually heavy in the closet, there is no reason I know of that you can't use 40 psf live load, which would be the maximum live load typically used in MA for rooms. But your beams were already designed for that presumably, so they are likely good to go, check with your beam designer to be sure.
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