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I have a garage with a flush mounted panel that has a lot of free breakers/amperage in it. The garage is finished out already but I'd like to add more circuits. The problem is that there isn't an attic or crawl space to drop new runs so I'm not sure what to do...

I don't mind running everything in emt on the outside of the walls, in fact that's my preferred method, but I have no clue the best way to actually do it.

I'v thought of these options so far

1) Mount a sub panel and tie all new external emt runs into it. Seems like a waste of the main panel being 30% full, but it seems the best method.

2) Mount a big junction box and tie all my external emt runs through it down into the panel.

3) Use an LB for each new run. Seems like an excessive amount of holes in the wall though.

I am just really confused on the smartest way to go from external emt into the flush mounted panel. Any advice/examples would be greatly appreciated. I hate to overthink it but I really do want to do it the best way first so its future proofed for new runs.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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