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Adding additional wiring to new block home

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I have just recently purchased a new block home here in Florida, and as I am retired, I did not wish to pay the upgrade pricing on adding additional electrical outlets to the new home. My question is this: How do I access the existing wiring so I can add outside spots, can lighting, etc......
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Do you have an attic or crawl space under the house? This will be your only access to the wiring. I know most homes built down there are on slabs and some have flat roofs. Hopefully this is not your case.

If you can gain access to the wiring or "conduit" (common in S. Florida), or electrical boxes write back and tell us what you see over or under. Then we can progress into the walls. This will not be easy. I live in a block house myself and know first hand. But you can do pretty much anything if you REALLY want to.

Where are you in FL. I am interested in moving down too. I am also retired. How are the prices. I want something close to the beach. Thanks John.
This is typical cinder block construction found in Florida with slab foundation. I don't believe I will have any problem extending additional wiring inside the interior walls, but I have no idea how to access the ceiling or over the top of outside walls to add spots, fan, etc patio
Yes, homes are quite reasonable here in Florida. It is pobably one of the best places to buy at this time. I purchased a new townhome by GL Homes at Valencia Lakes, Wimauma, Fl. I paid $160,000. for a 3 bedroom 2 bath. I will be paying about $400.00 a month for HOA but this gives me access to a 27,000 sq foot meeting place with large pools, workout rooms etc. Tks for getting in touch. Mainly, I want to put spots on the patio. and additional outlets inside. .
If it's a typical cinder block home you are in for more than you think. Do the block walls have spurring strips covered by drywall? Is the house two story?
You say townhouse. If it's a typical townhouse it should have attic space.
How much experience do you have with electrical construction or just construction in general. You will need experience in both to tackle the job.
If you are not familiar, I would recommend you call a couple electricians for quotes. Secondly, how does your HOA feel about DIY electrical?

The best I can do is hope you can send some pics of where and what you plan to do. Then we may be able to help further.

Did you say you were paying $400 a month in addition to the cost of the home? If that is true, it would be out of my league. Even paying cash for the house.
JV, I found something for you in Panama City last week.
On the beach, rent to own, no qualifying, only 5 mil.
Yep only 5 mil.
That is what the sign said.
LMAO every time I rode buy that sign.
jb. I am looking for something further south, on the Atlantic side or Gulf side. It does not need to be on the beach (can't afford that) but a few miles would be cool. No further North than Melbourne. Water is not clear up in North Fl. St. Augustine is nice place, but the beaches are not what I am looking for. Pier fishing would be a plus too.
I need a real estate forum as Speedy is going to shut me up sooner or later. lol.
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