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adding a vent?

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I have a 3b 2bath 1700sqft ranch with a finished basement. We closed 3 of the 4 vents in the basement since we never go down there, and I was hoping since we dont use those basements vents, we could add another vent upstairs in our great room (20x15 dining/living room). It is consistently 4-8 degrees warmer than the smaller areas like the bedrooms. Currently, the great room has 2 vents at one end of the room and I was hoping to add another at the other end of the room.

Since we keep the basement vents closed, would it be ok to add another vent in the great room or would that mess up the balance of the entire system?
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perfect. The vent I want to put it would be directly above one of those closed basement vents.

Any tricks to tying into the supply trunk?

The trunk is close to the basement ceiling/bottom of great room floor, so i think i really only have the new vent hole as a work space, unless i took that section of trunk down to work on (which i dont know if thats reasonable or not).
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