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We removed a small platform we had in the backyard and have planted grass there. Irrigation system doesn't reach. I'd like to add a head to the zone. It would be a MP Hunter rotary head to match the other heads on that zone.

I would tap into the zone at the last head. After digging up the area around the existing head, that head is attached to 1/2" funny pipe. The way the system is laid, there are 1" PVC pipes as the mains on each zone and then most heads are tapped into the 1" PVC with 1/2" funny pipe.

My concern would be adding essentially two heads on one 1/2" funny pipe line. I am not sure about pressure, water flow on the smaller line coming from the main lines. FWIW, the psi on the system is around 60-65 and the GPM is 14. There is little elevation change. The run from the existing head to the newly added head would be around 20 feet.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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