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Adding a simple relay

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I would like to add a simple relay to my current electric hot air furnace wiring to turn my pellet stove on with the heat. Furnace thermostat (Basic programmable Honeywell) has red white and green wires used. R and Rc have jumper installed. I just want one thermostat to control both furnace and pellet stove.
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The only caution I would give you is that the pellet stove may short cycle because the operation is a littler different and the furnace may heat the space before the pellet stove has time to contribute it heat to the space.

What brand pellet stove?

There are remote thermostats for pellet stoves that eleminate wiring.

Personally I wouldn't tie my pellet stove to the furnace.
You might be surprised what would happen if you changed your thermostat to a one with a recirculation feature that turns on the fan for duration of time every hour. Just running a pellet stove. I heat my house with two pellet stoves through the winter and recirc the air.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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