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Adding a shower, toilet, and sink, HELP PLEASE!!!!

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I am adding a shower (which I have to cut the concrete out for), toilet, which already has a 10" pipe with a rounded cap on it, and a sink, which I believe ties into a 2" black pipe that runs up through the upstairs and comes out of the concrete basement with a threaded cap on it. My question is, am I correct so far in what I am assuming? I will take pictures and post them in the morning because I am a fireman and have to work till in the morning. Unless I can get my wife to do it, I just want to be a 100% sure of what i'm doing before I go jack hammering out concrete and tieing into the wrong stuff or connecting the sink to the wrong stuff.
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Fire away with the pics and we'll help as much as we can.
Ok all of these pipes are along one wall, and the one on the floor is the one I think is where the toilet goes? I had a friend who added the apex pipe haven't attached them to the studs or put any valves on cause I don't have the tool. The shower is going on the opposite wall. Haven't ran the water lines for that yet.


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Sorry to say, but I don't really see much in the photos that will be helpful.

The first pic shows what looks like a 3" drain right up against some studs (and some nicely painted toes :wink:), it should be scoped w/ a camera to determine where it goes & what it could be for. Then the studs will have to be moved the appropriate distance (12" from finished back wall & 15" min from finished side wall).

The second pic shows what looks like 2 cold water lines, a hot water line, and a what seems to be a 2" drain transitioning to 3" drain with a cleanout. You cannot tie into the threaded cap for your sink drain, but you might be able to T in above. How high is the joint where the 2" drain enters the top of the cleanout fitting from the floor? How will the floor be finished?

The third pic shows what looks like a 3" drain (is there a toilet above there?) and a hot & cold water line.

Perhaps a clear, uncluttered pic showing the entire area would give us a better perspective of what you see and will allow us a understanding of what you're working with/against.

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