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Hello DIY peeps. Question for the matrix. I have a 60's rambler and the original living room was partitioned by a previous homeowner. That original living room was divided into two parts - an office and a small galley laundry room.

The office is closer to the center of the house and inherited the heat register. The laundry room inherited the return and does not have a register. I want to add a small branch to the main line so that I can heat the laundry room. It has a nice pocket door with windows and when we close the door to keep the laundry noise down, the room gets SUPER DUPER cold. We live in Minneapolis.

The run is about 5 feet over and 11 feet to the exterior wall. Below is the detailed schematic that my certified HVAC technician gave me.

I have no intention of running it along the dotted path. Can I go out the END of the main branch, follow that line, and then take a lefty down the joist cavity?

What size round duct should I use... 4", 6", 8"?

Thanks for the help.

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