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Adding a new Air Duct to a room question

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I am wanting to know if adding an additional air duct/vent to a room if that will help getting it cooler or hotter when needed instead of just the one vent?

Thank you.
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Depends on a lot of variables.. My guess is that if you don't have a return in that room, you might be better off with adding one instead. Unless your supply vent is truly undersized.
Well it's my bedroom that has one vent but the room is gets afternoon sun and I have feeling that the walk is either under insulated and or has very leaky Windows.
It's very cold at night even though I have it set at 72.
I might get a free energy assessment to see if that will tell me anything.
I might even replace the windows, etc. I realize that is more info that you needed, but I just bought the house and if the bedroom is cold now in the winter, it's going to be a sauna in the summer here in Texas.
Just because it's cold now doesn't meant it will be the opposite in the summer. It might stay cooler than the other rooms. Unless the window is actually leaking bad, replacing it won't do much. Have you tried to adding caulk around the window frame? You might want to use some DAP foam and insulate around your electrical outlets and the baseboard. When I say insulate the baseboard, what I mean is to remove the baseboard and/ carpet then foam the gap between the floor and wall. That should stop a lot of air leakage.

Another question.. Assuming you don't have a return in the bedroom, if you sleep with the bedroom door open, is the temp of the room any better? If so, you want to add a return. The return will allow better circulation because it will be drawing air out of the room, while the supply puts air into the room.

I live in a 2400sf colonial. I have a return in every room, except the bathrooms.. The temp throughout the home is very even and the home is not zoned. When I 1st moved in, friends that visited couldn't believe how even the temp was through out the house.
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