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Adding a motion light to a run

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In my utility room I have a line which feeds a light and runs to a switch on a wall that controls on and off.
In that run I want to add a motion light to the outside wall. I of course don’t want to have the motion light controlled by a switch.
How do I do that ?
I’m thinking I just need to splice in before the light and than run it out to the light
I’m I thinking it out right ?


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If you're comfortable working with electricity, you'll need to see if the AC goes into the light first, then splits off to the switch. If so, you can tie in the motion light power at the light.
If the AC goes to the switch first, you'll need to tie it in at the switch.
What you're trying to find is the point where AC is always availble...
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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