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Adding a light to a 3-way switch

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Hi guys,

Having a little problem here and looking for some help.

In the basement stairway there is a light fixture at the top of the stairs controlled by 3-way switches at the top and bottom of the stairs. I want to add a light at the bottom of the stairs as well but I only have access to the switch at the bottom of the stairs. The fixture is all drywalled in so I can't easily run wire from there.

Is there any way to get power to the lower light from the lower switch. As I see it, it doesn't look like it can be done. The black screw is always hot and the other 2 screws alternate hot, so I'm not having any luck.

Any suggestions?

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Cut, fish, patch.

You need to come from the other switch or from the light.
If you only have three wires in the lower switch box you can't do it. You need to connect into the upper light or the upper switch. There is no way around it.
That's what I was afraid of. Just a thought but I think I will scrap the idea.

Thanks for the answer.
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