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Adding A Garage

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I will be adding a carport/patio to an existing garage. The new patio will have a concrete wall with a garage door on the front and open on one side and on the back side and the dimensions are 28'L x 16' W. The existing garage roof will be tied into and extended out over the new patio. The open side, of the new patio, will be supported by metal posts and the front will be supported by concrete blocks.

How do I attach the wood roof rafters to the metal posts? I don't think just bolting the wood through the post is strong enough.

Is there anything special I need to know about setting the metal posts? I know I should dig down to code and put some gravel in and then pour concrete. I was also planning to drill through the bottom of the post for rebar to be set in the concrete. Is this setup strong enough to hold a roof?

Some of the work will be done by me but most will be done by a contractor. I want to know what the correct way of doing things is and not just taking the contractor's word as being the only way. We all know there are alot of contractors who don't know how to get the job done the correct way.

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There are a number of ways to make that connection, just about all of which will involve some degree of metal fabrication. Too many options and with no pictures it is pretty hard to see what's going on. Your post anchorage idea would probably work but hopefully you have a professional engineer doing uplift (wind) calcs for you to make sure. Footing size? Can we assume that there is a plan that the contractor is supposed to follow? Hopefully you've made sure he's pulling a permit so the inspector can advocate for you in the event that something is done poorly.
To many variables in your post to get a good detail answer.

If you were to do the job your self, a trip to your local code officials office would be one of the first stops. Most likely they will tell you it has to be drawn and stamped by a certified engineer which would become the responsibility of your contractor to work with after you all agree on the design.

Mixing DIY with contract work can lead to many opportunities for project delays and possible failure. You should discuss this a great length with your contractor and clearly identify who is responsible for each task and work with-in a specified time line.
I have only had time to get one contractor to come by and I'm just doing some research in between meeting with others. I want to know what's going on and the correct way to do things no matter if there is an inspector or not. I'm in New Orleans and we have plenty of contractors, laborer's and others who think they are contractors.

What I posted above is just what the contractor and I talked about and I need to speak with him in more detail about the specifics, but in the mean time, I want to get some insight about the project from people who do these types of jobs. I have closed in a garage and raised a ceiling to make a bedroom on my house, so I have a little bit of contruction knowledge, but not enough about this type of work.

Thekctermite, I know you aren't in my area, but would you mind explaining more about the footings? How deep do you dig, what diameter hole for metal posts you normally use, gravel or not, concrete and vapor barrier, metal fasterners, rebar, is there something better to use than metal posts?

I know it's hard to picture what's going on, but if you picture a gable roof going from left to right, that is my existing garage. The plan is to tie another gable roof into the middle of the existing. Sorry I don't know the terminology but the framing(rafters) (2x6's or 2x8's) will attach to the rafters of the existing garage and come out on top of the front concrete wall of the new patio. From there they will form a corner and run down the open side of the patio with the metal posts. From there it will form another corner just like the front.

The front of the patio will be fine because it rests on top of the concrete wall, but what are the options to make the corner connection in the back, where it will only be a metal post. Also how can I attach the 2x6 or 8's on top of the metal posts? Is welding the only option or are there brackets strong enough for this?

I'm just trying to learn what I can and appreciate the help.
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You are asking for detailed information without a working plan of what you want. Did you show/draw the contractor anything? Your local building Department would know if your idea is feasible or not. As you are in a high wind area, it would be foolish for us to give info. on your project in your local area. They have additional requirements for that area, hold-downs against up-lift, shear walls, shear roof, footing sizes, depth, etc. Try the County web site for additions as a lot of people want to rebuild it themselves or check on a contractor's method, as you do. They are a phone call away, usually in the mornings, and it's accurate information. Be safe, G
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