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Adding a Basement Laundry room

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I working on a basement floor laundry room, removing the existing hookups upstairs and installing new down. I'm considering a self level. Money is tight right now but I want to do it right.
The previous owners had parkay tile down glued to the slab. When I removed it left a bit of the paper backing and there's a lot of adhesive. I think I know the answer but does this all have to be scraped off and what's the easiest way of doing? I'm thinking grinding brushes or wheels will gum up fast and hand scraping is not an option. Are there any solvents that won't curl nose hairs?
If grinding, any suggestions on wheels? Should I just go to town? I'm right next to the furnace and water heater and its an open area with finished living space so being (somewhat) clean is a factor. I'll take some better pics but this is what I have now.
There is carpet laid in the foreground and I was thinking leaving the concrete or maybe laying tile if I can find something at a good price.

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Be aware if you go the route of grinding, many old adhesives contain asbestos. Not something you want airborne in your home.
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