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Adding a 40 Amp Circuit - Formulating a Plan

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I would like to add a 40 amp circuit; intent is to charge an EV (Electric Vehicle) in my garage (50 feet from box). In the garage will be a ClipperCreek charger (HCS-40P, 32-amp) plugged into a 240V receptacle (NEMA 14-50). The design limit on the current EV is 13.3 amps, but I’m going heavy in anticipation of a future EV upgrade. I’m planning to use 8-3 cable. My condo was built in 1989 (FYI).

Please provide some input on the selected cable size. Should I go to 6-3?

Before I call the electrician, I would like to secure a general buy-in to my plan on the forum. Anything I’m missing?
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What size garage? Maybe consider a 100A subpanel for future expansion.
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