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Adding a 40 Amp Circuit - Formulating a Plan

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I would like to add a 40 amp circuit; intent is to charge an EV (Electric Vehicle) in my garage (50 feet from box). In the garage will be a ClipperCreek charger (HCS-40P, 32-amp) plugged into a 240V receptacle (NEMA 14-50). The design limit on the current EV is 13.3 amps, but I’m going heavy in anticipation of a future EV upgrade. I’m planning to use 8-3 cable. My condo was built in 1989 (FYI).

Please provide some input on the selected cable size. Should I go to 6-3?

Before I call the electrician, I would like to secure a general buy-in to my plan on the forum. Anything I’m missing?
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Most home charging stations are 30 rated, so 8 gauge should be fine.
While that may be historically true, more and more vehicles will accept 40 amp chargers, which require 50 amp circuits.

I would run the 6 Awg and use a 40 amp breaker for now. If a new car needs a faster charger, you won't have to repull the wires/cable. Just change the breaker.
As long as you pull a 4 wire connection, H,H,N,G, you can use either receptacle and save pulling wires in the future. As your currently selected charger doesn't need the neutral, you just fold back the white if using the 6-50.

Personally, I would go with th 14-50 and connect all 4 wires in the receptacle. The plug on the charger will not have the neutral pin connected.
If some charger in the future needs the 120/240 connection it would be ready to go. If you ever have a short term use for that 120/240 connection, you can unplug the charger and plug in the other use. The 14-50 has a lot more uses than a 6-50.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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