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add venting

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I have attached a rough diagram of what I think the venting in the house is like.
There is a problem in that the upstairs toilet is being siphoned when the sewage ejector downstairs goes.
However, the toilet water is not going into the pump, it goes to a septic tank through gravity. So, I can only assume that the toilet and the ejector pump use the same exit pipe otherwise the water would not be siphoned off.
Once the toilet has been siphoned low, then the sink in the upstairs bathroom also starts to gurgle.
Traps on the ground floor seem to be ok even though I don't think they are all vented properly. There could be hidden AAVs but I'm not sure. The only one I can see is hidden in the wall space behind the diswasher.
There is no other main vent exiting the house apart from the one from the sewage tank.

How can I fix the venting in the bathroom so that the toilet and sink do not gurgle? Can I just take a pipe from underneath the sink to outside?
Should the sink and the toilet be on the same waste line?
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well how many walls do you want to open to vent the 2nd floor group? you mean the house has no vents on the plumbing system..just a separate vent coming out of the sewer ejector lid?
There is 1 aav on the ground floor behind the wall behind the dishwasher. I assume that is doing the venting for 5 points downstairs as there is no other vent that I can see apart from the sewage ejector vent. Upstairs again has no vents unless hidden in the walls.
Do you have any vents going through the roof?
Can you show a picture of the pump drain connection to the sewer?
No vents through the roof at all. There is no sewer, it is connected to a septic tank. Originally house had only toilet and sink upstairs so it was a direct gravity connection to tank. Years later, someone added basement toilet and kitchen fixtures and the ejector pump was added so presumably they just used the same exit pipe. The vent from the pump goes out from the basement wall and up the back of the house to above roof.

It's in the country so guess code was a bit relaxed back in the day.

Vent on right hand side of house:

Can't get a photo of pump right now but it's a standard ejector pit.
well your gona have to open some walls and maybe floors to cut in vents to the upper bathroom..
Not just an aav in the sink vanity?
you need a big vent to overcome the suction from the sewer ejector, you might try and fit a 3 inch AAV vent to get the volume, onto the sink and see how it works..
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