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Start with a Leviton 6260M-W push button timer.
Turn it on when you get in the shower. Also when you get out you can press it again for 10 or 20 minutes since that is how long it is recommended to fan a fan after you have finished a shower. It is important to also run it after.
Light or no steam press 10 min or heavy steam press 20 min and walk away.

Next , two fans are a bad idea for a few reasons and could work against each other sometimes.

So you a new higher cfm fan. Or I really like the very quiet Panasonic inline fans.
You could leave the current fan and add the inline fan any place in the ductwork.
Then with your current fan you can remove the cover and see the motor and the plug for it.
You will then have the option to just unplug this motor since the panasonic will be pretty powerful.
Or another option if you wanted, is to leave it to add extra cfm's as a boster fan.
Either way it should take only a couple of minutes and you can play with it and decide which is best for you.
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