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We recently purchased a home built in 1923, only to discover there is a massive leak in the master bathroom shower. Repairing this leak will involve replacing the shower base (one leak) as well as replumbing the supply fixture (also leaking).

We had intended, later on down the road to convert a "sun room" attached to the master bedroom into the "new" master bathroom. As the present stack is too far away (and also old cast iron / lead) a new stack will be needed. The sun room sits atop a fully enclosed finished room downstairs with a generous crawlspace that leads into a basement.

I'm trying to figure out how feasible it is and what steps are involved to installing a new 4" ID drain stack. I understand we'll need to rip out the downstairs walls, ceiling, and upstairs floor to make this addition. What problems am I going to run into, is this possible, or is it a pipe dream?

The refinishing of walls and ceilings is not really a big deal to me as many of them are in the remodel process anyway. I just don't want to run into any "framing" issues getting the stack up to the second story, vented out the roof, etc.

Any advice / suggestions or information from someone who has done this in a home this old would be greatly appreciated.

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