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Hello folks,
Trying to assess the most ideal option for adding a bathroom vent to a first floor bathroom.
There is another bathroom right above this one, so I'm fairly limited to working with the ceiling space above the drywall and not going straight up (as in going up to the attic).
There is an existing overhead half dome light about center to the bathroom, so at least some wiring is in place. Pretty sure I'll have to cut some drywall out in the ceiling corner above the outlet to run the extra wires needed for the fan, but the actual fan unit and exhaust is what I'm not sure on.

As far as I can tell without busting out drywall now, is the existing light box is nailed up against a joist and hopefully those joists are running perpendicular to the exterior wall. (this house is screwed up in more ways that one, so as logically as it should be, what we expect isn't always true here!)
So, if this ideal scenario is true, then my thoughts were to install a low profile fan/light combo, extend the 4" exhaust chute in between this joist space, and punch out a hole to the exterior. Mount the exterior exhaust port, wire up the fan and we're all set!

My question is if this plan is as easy as I'm thinking or if there are other factors I need to consider?
Was looking at some of the contractors Menards suggested, but they all seem to put bathroom fans as an odd 'in-between' of plumbing or electrical. I figure this will be a combo of drywall and electrical tasks. I shouldn't have an issue doing the electrical portion although my mudding skills are still a work in progress.

low profile fan units seem easy enough to get ahold of, but I'm still trying to narrow down the options for one that incorporates a light. Saw this one on amazon, but a bit pricey at $215 - Panasonic FV-08VFL4

Any words of wisdom on this project?

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Your plan for the horizontal run should work, assuming there is no other plumbing/electrical in your way to push out the 4" exhaust run. Just be aware, there are codes for the slope of the horizontal run, length, pipe size, bends etc. Also, for the sizing of the CFM of the fan relative to the size of the room and how many pieces are in the room.

In other words, this job has the potential to be a giant PITA. Personally, I'd leave it alone until you pull ceilings to get you to the exterior wall. I'd also move all #2 business to another bath room and if there is a shower/tub, limit the use.

I like the panasonic fans (whisper whatever). I've installed about 5 over my last 2 homes. They are a bit pricey, but the peace and quiet is well worth it IMO. Cost goes down a bit if you buy one which can push less air (lower CFM).
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