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Adapt post light to limestone cap

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OK here's a little problem....

Having a brick pillar built and capped with a light. This is what will be on top:

Problem is, this lamp has a 3 1/8" ID to fit on a pole and there is only a 1 1/4" hole drilled in the cap. Sure, the ideal situation would be to have a larger hole in the cap to fit the right size pole, but this isn't the ideal situation, is it? :no:

I'm a woodworking guy so my first instinct is to cut a 3 1/8" disc out of treated wood, attach a short piece of 1 1/4" dowel to fit through the hole in the cap, then drill a hole through the center of it all to feed the wire, then silicone it to the cap. But is there a better way?

So, the question is WWYD?
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