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Ace Crete Ace in the Hole reviews?

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Hi everybody

Wondering who has worked with Ace in the Hole, the people I am buying my fence materials from tell me it's the freaking bees knees of pour and mix.

Quickcrete advertises that they can be pour and mix, but I read in some threads here that isn't the best way to do it, so is it worth practically twice the money for Ace in the Hole?

I don't have a mixer and it's 26 posts I'm putting in.

Also, these mixes say don't use if it's going to get below 40 or 50 that night, does that matter since it will be underground for posts?
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I've never heard of it, but for twice the money, I'd just mix the Qwikrete in the wheelbarrow. That's a lot better way to do it than pouring powder into a wet hole anyway.
genl rule of thumb's no conc unless its 40* & rising & no below 32* w/i 24hrs - that's why we use insulating blankets when it gets that cold

ambient earth temp's about 65* - the ground's not freezing so it won't affect the conc's curing - UNLESS you've got frost in the ground, of course, & your holes were open while the frost occurred - use bagg'd conc mix & go to bed early :laughing:

i'd save the $$$, get it done, & take mama to beddy early for a long winter's nap :thumbup:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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